Pedigree Pietrain Pigs
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Gillo Fawr Farm

We have been supplying,

Breeding and showing Pedigree Pietrains pigs

For  in excess of Five years.

Our Bloodlines include:

St Pierre, Inveresk Duke,

St Benoit , St Pauline &


All our Pigs are:

British Pig Association


Wales & Border

Pig Breeders Association


Gillo Fawr Farm

Pedigree Pietrain Pigs are sociable, do well

Outdoors or indoors, are quiet easy to handle

“The carcass has 66% Less Fat than any other pig”

A British meat board statistic.

The Pietrain converts feed better than most traditional breeds,improving deadweight yields and producing Bacon , Hams , Joints &  Sausages with a sweet taste

Welcome to Pedigree Pietrain pigs!

‘ Frankie‘ one of our boars

Pedigree Boars At Stud and

For sale.

Youngstock ‘Gilts & Boars’

In pig Sows & Weaners always available at reasonable


orders welcome.